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Hanne Bach-Mathiesen Henriksen

Hanna 1My name is Hanne Bache-Mathiesen Henriksen.
I have been a jugde since 2017. I have competed with my staffordshire Bull Terrier Jacqueline in Obedience, Rally obedience before we started with Freestyle in 2012.
Before retiring in 2017, Jacqueline achieved both the Norwegian and Swedish Freestyle Champion Title and became 2 x National Norwegian Champion (2015 and 2016)
In 2020 a little Border Collie came in to my life and we have just started to compete in Freestyle.
I am deeply honoured to jugde the Open European Championship. I will do my very best to judge everyone fairly and I´m looking forward to see great teams and creative routines.
I wish everyone good luck and hope you enjoy every moment of the whole experience of being part of this championship.
And remember that your dog is always the best 💖


Liz Chamberlaine

Liz Chamberlain 1Liz Chamberlain 2I got involved in dog sports over 30 years ago, competing in conformation with my miniature long-haired dachshunds. I expanded their repertoire to carting and tricks, and once I got my first Bouvier, included obedience, IGP and tricks. I’ve competed in dog dance with both miniature long-haired dachshunds and Bouviers. Injuries (to both me and the dogs) have stopped us competing in the last few years.
I judge carting, dog dance and Rally for KUSA (Kennel Union of Southern Africa). I am also a KUSA evaluator for CGC and Tricks.
I qualified as a WCFO judge in 2008 and have officiated locally (South Africa) and abroad. I am also a SADDA (South African Dog Dancing Association) judge and a Rally Freestyle judge.


Attila Szkukalek
Attila 1Attila 2

I am a dog and cat behaviourist and training instructor with 40 years of experience. Due to my innovative routines (“Chaplin, Gladiator”) with my Border Collie Fly, I popularized canine freestyle all over the world.Since I retired from active competing I have devoted my time to teaching HTM/freestyle, choreographing routines and judging competitions worldwide.

I look forward to watching and judging your routines at the biggest HTM/freestyle competition of the year; OEC, The Netherlands, 2022. I wish luck to all participants!